Monday, 30 September 2013

Sharing the love......

It's funny, how, a stop and think can make such a difference.

A few months ago, I was ready to chuck this whole blogging malarky in.

I felt disconnected......VERY disconnected with it all.

I think, because of Instagram, I had just let it all slide. I wasn't posting. I wasn't catching up on my feed and reading all the blogs I had come to love. I wasn't branching out and discovering anything new.

Instagram was enticing for me, as it was about all about the photo. I do love to take a pic....and I think, it caught me at a moment, when time was really lacking in my life. It was difficult to carve out an hour or two to sit at a desk and write a full on post. Instagram satisfied my love of taking a photo, without the chain to a desk.

And, for a while that was great. It did its job....and many of you bloggers made the leap too. I think without realising it, Instagram became suddenly became less about photography, and more a new Facebook and micro blogging site.

The break away from it all did me the world of good. It made me realise, that, although I felt disconnected with this little old blog of mine (and was very nearly at the point of pressing the delete button on it all), when push came to shove, I knew I would regret it in the long run if I did walk away from it all.

I think when you have been blogging for a few years, you do wonder sometimes if you are becoming the most boring person alive. I mean, there's only so many blankets you can make, so many cups of coffee you can take a picture of!

It was at that point, that I reminded myself of the fact that I was thinking of my blog in terms of satisfying others, when, in actual fact, it should be about satisfying myself. My pleasing nature took over a while back, and that's why I lost faith in my blog. I just needed to remind myself why I started this blog and who it was intended

Now, I know that sounds a little selfish! But I figure, if people like to read it, then that's cool, but if they find it boring, then they'll hit the delete button and move on to something else that takes their fancy more! No big deal, and I can still record my little makes to remind myself, that in a world where I am a maid and a taxi for the most part.....I do get a little bit done in the creative department, and I do get the odd 5 minutes to sit and relax with my favourite cuppa and my favourite mag!

I'm rambling. I'm very aware.

Anyway, all this was leading to me wanting to say, that having got back into the blogging game again, I am enjoying it. I am enjoying being able to sit, take a few moments and write down my thoughts. It's been nice to catalogue my makes that I have been doing over the summer. It's nice to look back and feel that I have been productive.

It's also been REALLY nice to catch up on all the blogs I love and see what's been happening in their little worlds. Starting to re-connect again has felt...well.....really nice.

But, what's been REALLY REALLY great, is taking a few moments to discover new blogs. Getting excited to find new people with big creative passions.

Which, actually brings me to the whole point of this post.......


I wanted to share something with you.

On one of my little jaunts on Pinterest I came across some beautifully inspiring images and creative works.

I knew I had found something truly wonderful. You know that excited feeling you get when you see something that fills you with happiness and ticks all your boxes?

It led me to the most beautiful and creative blog.

I don't often share a blog love, but this one, well, it's a little gem.

You may already know it, follow it or have come across it in bloggy land....

...but if you haven't...

.....go take a peek.....

(The photo shown above is the property and copyright of ©byhaafner)

The posts make my heart beat faster.

(The photo shown above is the property and copyright of ©byhaafner)

(The photo shown above is the property and copyright of ©byhaafner)

(The photo shown above is the property and copyright of ©byhaafner)

Beautiful makes

(The photo shown above is the property and copyright of ©byhaafner)

(The photo shown above is the property and copyright of ©byhaafner)

Beautiful photography

(The photo shown above is the property and copyright of ©byhaafner)

(The photo shown above is the property and copyright of ©byhaafner)

A blog that leaves you feeling incredibly happy and inspired.

Do these images make your heart sing?

Pop on over and get the most beautiful crafting fix.

 I could drool all day.

I'm glad I am back in the blogging game. I may be sporadic in my postings. I'm going with the flow when time will allow, but it's nice, it's nice to feel like I'm back, and it's so nice to make new discoveries!



  1. I love to read your post!!! It's so positive!!!! thank you, xxxxx Ale

  2. I love ByHaafner's blog too, her doilies and blankets are so gorgeous..
    Oh and by the way, no need to feel selfish about blogging for yourself ;)

  3. Dear Coco Rose, I couldn't agree with you more, with every word about journey of blogging and sharing my life my photos with my instagram account, i turned to my blog while ago, still continue with IG, but i do not enjoy being in there like i was before. After restart blogging i realised how much i missed being in there, reading my friends posts, discovering new ones, so totally same here! Also thank you for sharing this beautiful blog. Lots of love from İstanbul


  4. I have been, I have had a quick peek, I couldn't stay for too long or I would have been there all morning.. I need to go back, but I need to have some quiet time, so it's not a rushed viewing. But...... What I saw was awe inspiring mixed with a bit of crochet envy. It is an amazing blog, thank you for sharing
    . And I'm glad you're back now as well, I love your work and I enjoy reading your blog, so "Hello and welcome back" Looking forward to reading more.
    Sally xxx

  5. Lovely to read your blog and look at the photos whilst having a hot chocolate this morning. I couldn't agree more - blogging is for me to record what I fancy. The comments, and a few followers are great, but it is actually for me. :)
    Have fun. x

  6. I missed your blog.....your pictures are beautiful.

  7. So glad you have re-joined the world of blogging Vannessa. It did seem for a while every jumped ship to board the new exciting one of instagram. And whilst I could see why it would appeal with the quick connections and instant net fix, I was never tempted as blogging for me had become so much more about writing and connecting in that way. Sometimes if I am really lucky with nice pictures too!

    But I have felt a little disconnected to my blog on and off for the past year. Not sure where my blog fits in amongst all the other fantastic blogs out there. It's a little patchwork of things really just like me I guess! I am working through this negative feeingl and post when I feel I have something to talk about or a little subject that has caught my attention. For me it has always been about connecting and that has not really happened much recently. But hopefully maybe the tide is turning and blogging will become the inspirational place again that I have loved.

    I have not seen your recommended new blog I must check it out!

    keep blogging and for yourself on your own timeline. I for one will always enjoy reading your blog and loving your lovely pictures. I also love it when I see a new post from you.

    P x

  8. Hello my friend, love it that you are blogging again. I really love your photo's, your crochetwork and the way you look into the world and that you share. Instagram is 'fast and quick. Blogging is what I like more too.... See you soon here... X Claire

  9. Thanks to you I discovered this wonderful blog! Thanks! is beautiful indeed! I
    know that you not never digressed! hahahaha!
    I love everything you write and your photos are full of beauty!
    Once again, thank you to stick with your blog!

  10. You got it sussed out right, girl! it should be for you, no one else.
    I also love Haafner's blog, it's beautiful.

  11. YOUR BLOG fills me with happiness and has me drooling all over the place.
    It's beautiful and inspiring and gorgeous.
    I'm so pleased you didn't press that button. xx

  12. too much beauty here...i may need to stay a while. i decided to stay with instagram, but i have found it easier than writing blg posts at the mo~ guess its been my way of stepping back and not having to explain everything ;0)... i can see why your so inspired what a lovely share, your blog fills me with colour and light~ somedays i feel im lacking this so much in my soul... xx

  13. Glad you're back ... please don't press delete!!

    I like IG but it will never be a replacement for the lovely blogs I read ...

    Welcome back xxx

  14. I am so very happy you didn't go away. Many others have for various reasons and it makes me sad, because I discovered this bloggy malarkey very late (about 18 mths ago). Your pictures, and everyone's, cheer me in my sad times and make me yearn for a prettier life. This may not happen for a while, but I have been patient and can still go a little longer. You inspire my crochet colour palette.
    I started a blog myself, but it is not a pretty one and have neglected it a little. (Also I am a techno-twit and don;t know how to improve it, larf).
    Looking forward to seeing you whenever you are able,
    Susan x

  15. Your previous mood made me actually worry that you will hit the "delete" button, so you can imagine how happy it makes me to hear that you're back! Hurray!

  16. I do enjoy seeing your rather beautiful cups of coffee! And dreamy blankets... never too many!

  17. So glad you didn't press delete. I love your blog and all things in it!
    Thank you for sharing ByHaafner, it is totally gorgeous, so many lovely things to see, I have subscribed so I won't miss anything :)


  18. The loveliness you find in ByHaafner's Blog (which I've followed for a long time) is the same as I find in yours!!! So glad you're back!
    penny x

  19. I love your blog. I am so glad you are back and are enjoying it. I always love your photographs and what you have written.

  20. I love love love that you are blogging again. My heart does a little skippy thing when I see that you have written a new post, no pressure. I love your pictures and your makes. Your posts remind me once again to enjoy the simple things and seek out little pleasures in the every day. Thank you for that and for your crafty inspiration, you blanket guru you! Right I'm off to check out this gorgeous looking blog you speak of. E xxx

  21. I certainly am very glad to hear that you will be continuing. I truly love visiting your blog, to see your work and your photos, to hear what you do and say. But most happy makes me that you enjoy doing it again. That's nice for you as well as for us readers. I visit your blog regularly and would truly have missed you. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and your ideas - greetings from Claudia from Germany

  22. Hmmm you raise a couple of really interesting points! Instagram and Twitter is similar in that it is "fast and furious" - Twitter with the limited number of words and volumes of info and Instagram with it's images. Our brains deciphers image elements simultaneously, while language is decoded in a linear, sequential manner. It means that we see a picture about 60 000 times faster than what it takes to process text. We live in an image saturated world and without us realising - sites such as Twitter and Instagram leads to an incredible amount of information clutter. I like that you mention that your blog is about you firstly - what follows are the way we learn more about ourselves through the interaction and relationships with fellow bloggers. Blogging allows us to reflect in ways that we don't do on places such as Instagram. Anyhow, I am glad you are back :-) As for Haafner - I just love how she oozes compassion, intelligence and soul through her pictures and hooky work. The two of you are quite similar actually! Cheers!

  23. oo la la...that does look inspiring in a dreamy pastel, icecreamy way....popping over to take a closer look...

    I did like instagram but big BUT actually... any one can add a filter or a special frame....but not everyone can blog and say interesting things and take beautiful images....all of which I find here....I think blogging separates the men from the boys, don't you?

    so glad you did not give up....Blogging rocks !!
    bestest monday evening wishes to you and yours

    Daisy j

  24. I've only been blogging a few months, and I do sometimes question why and what and whether. But you are right, it should be just for you. And I do really enjoy reading your blog, which I only discovered recently. Off to check out your recommendation now, thank you!

  25. By Haafner's blog is truly beautiful. I have been looking at her wonderful creations since you pointed her blog out to me the other day on Pinterest. He blog reminds me a bit of yours....It is dreamy and warm.....
    I have enjoyed reading this post as it is very positive and you seem to be in a better place after your break.
    Good for you!!
    Pati x

  26. I think that's the most important thing to remember.... blog for YOU, not for others. If there's no enjoyment, what's the point? I've only been blogging since early 2011 but I sometimes feel I need to remind myself of that. The most enjoyable, inspiring blogs are from those where you can see a genuine passion (for food, sewing, style, writing etc). Glad to hear you're feeling more positive, will pop by By Haafner's blog. Love the bobbly texture in the pink blanket in her third picture.

  27. ...........I for one am very happy to see you back. I've really missed your lovely blog x

  28. I think we may have been on the same blogging journey ;-) I was thinking about packing it in, but I didn't want to be "one of those people" and I thought I'd just do it as and when I felt like it, instead of feeling like I needed to write something, or make something to write about, and then it kinda made sense. My last blog post wasn't the most exciting for others to read but for me I can look back, which is most important :-)

    Fixing my laptop also helped, I don't have to get frustrated with it freezing every 2 minutes while I'm reading or writing! I do admire all of your photographs and your shared inspiration ones are so pretty, I especially love the last one

  29. Thanks god you are back. I love your blog. Such an inspiration. :)



  30. You know, I think you might just have found your balance! Remember, this is your very own corner of the internet and it is totally up to you as to what you do with it and when you do it.

    How dreamy is ByHaafner's blog? I discovered it through one of your pins too. That hexagon blanket literally takes my breath away.


  31. I love your blog and am so happy you are back in the game. Your photos are beautiful, soft, and inspiring. I have been blogging for over 5 years with my Best Friend. We also publish an online women's magazine and we have found at times that we too just get a little bit bored with it and wonder if anyone really cares! We put so much love and energy into our magazine and fb page. I even started my own personal blog cataloging my art projects, love of vintage and more. And, you are right - my blog is for me. I will continue to visit your lovely place in blog land as long as you are here!

  32. You know, l think it is wonderful to read about a good cuppa or progress on a new make or other "small" things. The world news is full of "big "happenings like wars, government changes, healthcare issues ect. How lovely to think that there is someoune out there just enjoying a good cup of tea and a little creative moment. It is all the smaller things that end up making life glow isn't it. Pam x

  33. I enjoy your blog. I have the same thoughts about mine sometimes but I look on it as a diary but online instead of writen. Keep on keeping on. Jacqui x

  34. Hello, I enjoyed your photos on Instagram very much but it's wonderful to 'hear your voice' through your blogging. Have a good day and take care, Sam xx PS I'm loving byhaafners work too

  35. Oh dear, I just don't know what to say - you're too kind, really... I'm deeply touched. Thank you so much...

    Blogging is still such an exciting journey for me. The first months I hardly dared to press the publish-button. Too shy... ;-) I find it difficult sometimes that I don't blog in my own language, it limits me from saying everything I would like to say. (Maybe that's good: it might actually prevent me from elaborating too much, haha.)

    Anyway... I'm so glad you're back blogging: your work & writing is so very inspiring for many!

    Thanks again, xhaafner

  36. It is lovely that you are back. Love all your images and just a little more than in love with those clogs! Thanks for sharing ByHaafner with us, I am now a new follower and like you I so love finding new blogs that inspire. Just wish there were more hours in the day to get around to commenting on everyone's. Happy October and wishing you a lovely week xoxo

  37. Hello Vanessa I'm so glad you are enjoying being back blogging again! I love your posts, both the gorgeous images and your words too. Your creative vision is always inspiring. Love the pictures from the new blog you mentioned, will go and visit it soon.
    Wishing you a wonderful October!
    Helen x

  38. Oh this is a lush post. I am over the moon since leaving IG. I barely faff with Twitter and came off Facebook too. I simply don't miss any of it.
    Blogging seems a bit more real, there is more imagination with writing and taking photos, then taking photos and using a filter, merely to show off latest clothes, purchases and mugs of tea (I was a culprit of the latter which nearly made me vom so I realised I needed to come off IG!!!)
    Do you actually miss IG?
    Oooh god I also hated the whole Happy Monday/Happy Friday thing, it made my knuckles itch......

  39. Hola!
    Increíblemente, he pensado muchas veces lo mismo que tú..
    y mientras tú seas feliz con lo que escribes y compartes, el resto se hace por sí solo...
    un abrazo desde Chile <3

  40. Welcome back to blogland!! Super :-)). I hope you'll enjoy blogging again as much as we all love your posts :-)
    Nata xxx

  41. Welcome back, lovely Vanessa!


  42. Welcome back and looking forward to your beautiful posts! Sweet Haafner does have such a lovely and inspiring blog! Wishing you a wonderful and creative autumn season!

  43. They do indeed make my heart sing and yours does too! I LOVE the picture of the balls of wool, turquoise, gold and grey. I could stare at that for hours!
    I've had similar thoughts to you about blogging and lost enthusiasm for it over the summer but I'm back and posting for me and hoping that others will enjoy it too.
    I'm so pleased you've stayed!
    Jess x x

  44. Lovely to have you back.....particularly as I'd only just discovered you when you decided to take a break!

  45. I enjoy your blog so much. I loved the fact you disconnected and took the time away, instead of deleting your blog. I can so relate as I have been blogging for nearing 7 years and often I have thought to throw the towel in. But like you say, to blog should begin with doing it for yourself and if you can get that first part right, the right kind of people who want to read your blog will come. And hopefully comment.
    Would love for you to pop into my blog and say hi!

  46. Vanessa, it is a complete joy to have you back in Blogland, I have really, really missed you.
    I have not been tempted into Instagram, but confess I do use facebook for a bit of micro-blogging these days.
    But now Little B is at nursery each morning and yarndale is over, like you I am SO looking forward to getting back into the Attic properly, I have missed it.
    Welcome continue to inspire and spread smiles, long may it continue

  47. I'm so very pleased you are back blogging. Your blog is an inspiration to me. Your photography is beautiful and your crochet sublime - my little fledgling blog finds in yours something to aspire to. For this I am grateful. X

  48. I'm glad you are going to keep blogging and I think you have hit the nail on the head -- blogging has to be for yourself and somehow when that happens other people enjoy it. People can tell when its done for them and isn't that strange how it then becomes off-putting? Something I have to remind myself of all the time.....

  49. I have been thinking of my own blog, poor neglected thing, for the past week. Can you beleive i did not even open my page for at least 2 months!!? I am caught in this Instagram thing too. Lacking time to sit and post, i feel it is easier for me at the moment. I must confess my blog was never as appealing as yours. I love coming here, read your feed and admire your tea cups and blankets. Your blog is an everending inspiration, it makes me feel happy every time. Thank you again for your inspiring post, your lovely pictures and work, you are a true artist. xoxo


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