Friday 6 February 2015


After a fair few cold, dark and snowy days this the sun shines.

Really cold....and windy outside though, but, none the less, the sun has got his hat on.

It lifts my spirits and makes me extra shiny when the sun is out.

I always feel perkier. The grey just makes me want to hibernate.

I am loving my mantel.

The pink hyacinths just keep on arriving. They are so pretty. A bit of green on the mantel to compliment the pink.  The daffodils are almost coming to an end. Time for some more. 

Middle Bear brought home is pottery work from School this week. 

He seemed rather pleased with his efforts! I don't think he would make it as a potter but I loved the colour and it's wonky shape. I asked if I could put it on the mantel, to which the reply was 'err yeah right, it's mine, make your own'. Charming!

It got left on a table for a couple of days without any thought, so up it went! He still hasn't noticed. I'm sure when he does, it'll get swiped back!

The hyacinths seem to be in big supply at the local shops and I have been making the most of it. I just adore these delicate pink ones. As my daffs were in a green jug, and Middle Bears' pottery was green, I wanted a big green jug for my hyacinths. I didn't have a big green jug so I used a teapot instead. I raided my dresser. They look decent enough stuffed in it!

Talking of the has been bathed in sunlight today. Ahhhhhhhhhh

I love a sunlit dresser.

The sun makes me want to sort. So I've been sorting.

I've also received a wool stash in the post to make a start on my knitty project.

Woo hoo....I've completed an arm hole. Only a few phone calls to my mum and a you tube video, but I did it. This is my 'mock up'. You know when sewers mock up an item of clothing in calico first to check for fit etc.......well, I'm doing this first in cheap stuff to see if I can do the pattern. I just didn't want to fork out on expensive yarn if I realised that I couldn't do it. It would be such a waste. I thought I'd do the pattern first in cheap stuff and see if I can actually do it, and where I can improve things, for when I do it 'properly'. I know it's twice the effort, but my knitting skills really are THAT poor. Rubbish actually. Never knitted with circular needles. They make my hands ache. I can only work on it when the house is empty. ANY distraction is destructive to my efforts. I also realise that I'm pulling the funniest of faces as I'm doing it. Thank goodness I'm doing it alone! 

I've only made two knitted things, a scarf and a hot water bottle. I currently have a cowl on the go....but OH MY WORD.........knitting takes FOREVER. I'm slow, and it grows at a Lilliput snails pace. I'm doing okay with the pattern, but deary me, the yarn is DISGUSTING. It's Stylecraft Life Super Chunky. It was the cheapest super chunky I could find to do my 'mock up'. It has the most horrid acrylic sheen to it.  I almost cannot bear to carry on with it. I won't deny it is warm though, so maybe it might be a 'wear around the house when i'm chilly' top, but I know NEVER to purchase this again.

I've been surfing for nice stuff and I have about 5 colours I could be happy making this properly in.

So let's just skip over this and look at nice yarn.......

There we go. I'm LOVE LOVE LOVING this colour combo. When I'm fed up with the knitting (and my hand aches) then I change to this. So much more fun. The yarn is gorgeous to work with (Drops Merino Cotton) and I like the pace that it grows. So much more satisfying.

I have plans for this also. Wrist warmers for layering.

I'll leave you with some Hyacinths.....

...If only you could smell these........divine.

Have a super weekend all.....



  1. Those hyacinths are gorgeous. I know what you mean about only being able to knit in an empty house - I'm just the same. I lose track so easily and then I have to start all over again. I think your son's pottery is rather charming too. Have a lovely weekend. x

  2. The mantel is a real delight, the hyacinths are spectacular and the dresser stunning. Have a great weekend.

  3. Your mantel looks lovely & colourful, very spring like. Funny how people seem to find either knitting or crochet easier than the other. I find knitting far easier but am determined to crochet a ripple blanket without screaming in frustration! x

  4. Love your dresser and mantlepiece. I still have my white stags and candles up - with daffodils for hopes of Spring, too! My son is moving soon and I'm hoping to reclaim the dresser he took with him. Just wondering if I could fit it into the kitchen - I SOoooo need a dresser to love. Wrap up warm, it's Siberian out there today. Ax

  5. I LOVE your mantel. I literally gasped at the sight of it. And your dresser is to die for along with all the goodies displayed. I'm jealous!

  6. I can feel the spring! Love it!!

  7. Good luck with your knitting... looking an impressive third project! Even though I knit more than crochet (or do I now?) I find crochet much quicker. Beautiful springlike photographs!

  8. Spring might be near when looking at your pictures. I admire your determination to knit, I am a crocheter, as well and I won't start knitting again, never ever. It is just too complicated for me. The colours you chose for your scarf are beautiful. I love Drops Cotton Merino yarn, as well. It is soft and gentle to the skin. I've made a poncho for my daughter fromf it and she loves to wear it. Have a nice weekend, VIola

  9. Your pink candlesticks are just wonderful, I can't help but smile whenever I see them! I adore winter and hibernating, but I will admit your post is making me not dread the early spring we're having. We don't get much snow where I'm from, anyway, but have been pouting just a wee bit at our warm, rainy, completely snow free winter. I love both crochet and knitting, and can't wait to see your finished top!

  10. That is indeed a gorgeous colour combo, and I'm interested to hear what you say about the Drops cotton merino, I've been looking at different yarns lately trying to work out what I might buy, but it's hard to make a judgement just by looking at a website. CJ xx

  11. Well whats not to love about your mantel? Pretty coloured candles, gorgeous flowers all topped of with teeny tiny pom poms!!

  12. Spring messengers !!!! - soooooooooo beautiful.
    Fräulein KidsliKids

  13. That is a really good idea, to do a mock up with cheaper wool to try the difficult bits. Good tip, thanks x

  14. Hi vanessa, love your blog and gorgeous use of colour.xx

  15. Meant to ask you what acrylics you use that feel nice for larger projects like blankets? I have just finished a large multistripe blanket that took me months in Stylecraft Special DK. I used it because other bloggers recommend it highly and because it was reasonably priced. But I am really disappointed in the feel - it is rather nasty and scrunchy although the colours are good. Maybe you could let me know what you use - in your pics the yarns in your blankets always looks like nice quality. I am also called Vanessa and have three sons!!

    1. Well hello there Vanessa also with three boys! Lovely to 'virtually' meet you! I mix and match my yarns to make my blankets. I just make sure they are all Dk and have pretty much the same wash instructions. I go by colour and feel. I'm fairly lucky in that I have a few yarn shops near to me so I can look and feel the yarns before I buy. I find some brands have some acrylics that are horrid in some colours, but fine in others, I guess dye has a bit to do with how they are. It's all really trial and error. If there's a colour that is perfect but a bit rubbish in texture, putting it with other ones that are nicer, seems to even it out. I've never tried stylecraft dk until recently to craft a couple of things for a project for someone else. It was okay, but this chunky one I did not like at all knitted up. It looked incredibly cheap (but that's because it was!), but the colour was not so nice. For cream, it was very yellowy and not nice. Oh well, at least it's just a tester knit! I'm not sure I've helped with your question, it's really for me all about seeing each ball individually for a project. Patons, and Sirdar I use a lot. Mix and match and different styles and colours. Some are acrylic mixes and are really good! : )

    2. Thanks Vanessa. I know what you mean, I am hugely influenced by colour and let loose in a yarn store I am like a kid in a sweet shop putting colours together from a number of different ranges to get the look I want. I bought all the Stylecraft on line so didn't feel it first - lesson learnt. Its interesting what you say about different colours within the same range feeling different possibly because of the dye. I relate to so much of what you say about juggling your creative urges with life as a mother of three boys. My sons are 10, 14 and 15 and the noise mess and continual demands for food are relentless - but I guess these days are precious and we will miss them when they are all gown up (getting there a little too fast sometimes - do you ever want to freeze time?) Anyway so nice to "meet" you I have read your blog for some time and its my favourite - your makes are dreamy and beautiful and your use of colour ticks all my boxes. Keep up the good work. Much love Vanessa xxx

  16. I like your new blog header and your mantel too! It is a shame that your practice yarn is not what you hoped it would be, I haven't use that before, but other stylecraft I have used is good for crafting projects and blankets, but not sure that I would want to use it for a garment, so I understand your feelings. Your other yarn looks gorgeous though!! xx

  17. Love your new header!!! :) And the precious pottery. :)

  18. Beautiful and bright - especially necessary this time of year. I love your decor!

  19. Love your mantle Vanessa! So pretty with all those bright coloured flowers!

    Madelief x

  20. I can smell spring! Your mantle is just beautiful and It is a great pleasure to start a new week with your beautiful images...
    Have a wonderful week Dear Vanessa...
    Lots of love...

  21. All the light and colors of flowers and chinaware look fabulous! You've given us a glimmer of spring.


  22. Your knitting is coming on well. I'm sure if you practice you'll get very good at it. It just takes a bit of time. I know, though, that crochet seems to grow so much faster! Your flowers are so gorgeous.

  23. I love reading your blog! It always makes me feel so calm and peaceful. Sometimes it's awhile between visits, but whenever I'm feeling down or stretched thin I pop on over to see all your lovely pictures and get inspired to get back to work on my own crochet projects.

  24. Love the pretty mantle, so spring like. I tried to get some daffodils today but had no luck. I need to sort my dresser out now after seeing how fab yours looks.

  25. Your blog makes me calm too, And it is so addictive! I simply love it.

  26. It's always nice to bring the outside in, especially for you folks dealing with the cold and snow. I used to love bringing little bouquets of flowers inside in the summer, but these days the grasshoppers and deer eat everything. I love to look at our flowers; they enjoy eating them.

    I love the Alpaca yarn you chose. My nephew's girlfriend knits a lot. I've always wanted to give either that, or crocheting, a try. Something simple and easy, like a little blanket for my dogs or something. (So if it turns out horribly, they won't laugh at me or judge me for it. Lol! Pets are forgiving like that).

    I really love your blog, and your photos are perfect.


  27. Well, that pottery is really nice indeed - I hope he didn't snatch it back from the mantel. ;-)
    Oawh, knitting... I did my first (very short) attempt at that last weekend. Mmm, let's say it's safe to assume my blog won't be turned into a knitting one any time soon. ;-) However, I do love knitted pieces...
    And BTW, yes, that colour combination, with the mustard, is stunning.
    All the best! xhaafner

  28. Really love the shell stitch scarf. I'm a knitter but crochet is relatively new to me. Seeing such a lovely stitch is very inspiring, and makes me even more determined to master the art of crochet!!!


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