Tuesday 17 February 2015


The sun is shining today. 

Woo Hoo.

It has been a grey and cold couple of weeks. Very busy. But quite a nice busy.

A couple of weeks of working, sorting, clearing, crafting, and catching up with friends and relatives. Good coffee. Good Cake. Good Chat. Lots of laughs.

Just a few snippets of life in my little patch.....

Flowers. Just love them. Bringing rosy cheer into grey days.

Whimsical finds. I'm calling it the 'Alice in Wonderland' Clock.

I'm feeling the spot love today.

Flowers on my ledge.

Bread making.

Lazy Half Term mornings.

Loving stripes.

Finishing projects.

Discovering lost items.

Loving colour.

Loving smocking.

Making Baby Bear Smile.

Having outdoor fun.

These past couple of weeks have just zoomed by. I have finished off my knitted project. I'll give it a post of it's own. I've finished my scarf also. I'll do a post for that too when I have a moment. I've been enjoying making bread again. Which is NOT a good thing. Bread is my weakness.....my downfall. Warm, freshly baked bread with butter that just melts on it......well.......need I say more? I think I need to stop for a while.

A much loved trip to Ikea to get storage tubs (yeah, like that's my main reason for going), any excuse.....





Sunshine, colour, big mugs of tea, crochet, notebooks, lattes, yarn, ideas, charts, smiles, clouds, cosy, homely, blankets, organising, happy.

Words that spring to mind for these past couple of weeks.



  1. ... And what a lovely, cheerful snippets they are - thank you!
    BTW, I love your header - it's gorgeous and Very Coco Rose.
    May this week be as lovely, happy and crafty be as your recent ones!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful way to pass the time.

  3. Lovely photos, it sounds like you are having a good week x

  4. Your snippets gave me a Spring like feeling, the sun has been shining today here too and perhaps Spring is not too far away xx

  5. Lovely pictures! I love that clock! I thought of Alice in Wonderland when I saw it too! Fresh baked bread.....it is my weakness as well. Gorgeous flowers and fabulous projects!

  6. I'm glad it's been the good kind of busy. I've lost that January energy, I need to re-capture it somehow. Love the yellow mug and the yellow crochet, gorgeous and sunshiny. CJ xx

  7. Love the spots, love the flowers, love the Alice clock ... adore the smocking. Gorgeous post as always. Happy days, Kate xx

  8. I love everything about this post...thank you! Sarah xo

  9. Sounds-and looks-like a lovely busy few weeks! We're enjoying some gentle half-term mornings too...

  10. * Perfect * Your home is always filled with such beautiful and lovely treasures and is always filled with so much colour, it's gorgeous and always gives me the serious case of wanties haha. How cute is that clock, I can see why you have given it that name :) It is VERY Alice in Wonderland.
    Have a wonderful day x x x

  11. That shawl pin is beautiful. We have a lamp like that red one but ours is blue. Looking forward to seeing your finished projects.

  12. Lovely happy times! I really like your shawl pin and your new clock too - very Alice indeed! xx

  13. Adoro visitar seu blog, as fotos são perfeitas.
    Sua casa é colorida e tão linda.
    Amei seu relógio e sua nova caneca.
    Desejo-lhe um lindo dia!

  14. I am very much liking your polka dot shirt....
    Leanne xx

  15. so much cheeeerful colour my lovely one xxxx loving your shirt. i havent been to ikea in such a long time, but its so far away from me. happy half term to you and the bears xxxx


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