Tuesday, 3 February 2015


......Is how I describe myself this week so far (I know, and it's only Tuesday).

I decided to take Monday as my 'indulgent day'. 

All housework could wait.

I spent a good deal of it 'surfing'. I saw something in a magazine that consumed me. It was a knitted garment. I wanted to make it, but my knitting skills are ropey at best. I spent a lot of time thinking about recreating it in crochet......but I knew it wouldn't look as good. After a bit of searching, I found there was a pattern available, which, hopefully, a basic knitter could do. So more time was spent searching for the right yarn. I want to make one in some 'cheap' stuff first to see if I can do it okay, then I'll make a 'proper' one in some nice yarn. Hopefully, by then, my knitting skills would have improved slightly and I'll know the pattern so it'll look okay. If I can get my rear into gear and get going on it, I'll reveal what it is. I don't want to tempt fate just yet. It may just be a total disaster and look utterly pants.

I have been surfing yarn sites for scrummy yarn, which is always fun. What is not fun, is seeing same brands and colours looking totally different on different sites, so I have no idea of true colour. Urgh, the downside of internet shopping. I really do like to see yarns in person before I buy. Computer screens can be so misleading for colour choices.

So, I'm 'skittish'. That excited sort of 'skittish'.  I have a big list of things I am desperate to make this year. I really want to get the list down. 

It never seems to go down.

There are lots of things that have been on my list for years, and they keep getting 'bumped' down for other 'on a whim' projects.

I thought if I wrote the list down here, then maybe it would FORCE me to get some of them done this year.


4 x Blankets (Granny Squares (big, small) Wavy and multi coloured stripes)
2 x Sweaters
2 x Cardigans
2 x Cushions


1 x Cardigan
1 x Sweater
1 x Hot Water Bottle

Okay, so these are my 'Basics' on my 'To Do' list. Things that have been on there as real WANTS to make for a long while. This list doesn't account for all the other bits and pieces that come along at any given moment. Things like scarves, hats, wrist warmers, doilies etc. Hummmmm, it'll be interesting to see if I can get any ticked off this year.....FINALLY.


It's cold outside. We finally got snow. Not a huge amount, but enough to make the Bears happy and make me loathe living at the top of a steep hill. The walk to school took longer today as Baby Bear insisted on scooping up every bit of it. Cars were sliding all over the place down the hill, and I was dreaming of steaming hot coffee and toasty socks when I got home.

My indulgent day yarn surfing yesterday, has meant it's double up on house chores today. Urgh.  Needs must. The Bears really are useless, and driving me insane at the moment. Teenagers and annoying little brothers. Not the best combination.

I'm still de-cluttering and it's feeling good.....but I have a LONG way to go before I feel happy. My Sunshine Day Blanket has been packed away for a bit. I haven't even attempted to make any more motifs. I've started another little crochet project! ha ha! Just a scarf (seriously, I SO don't need any more). I needed a break from the blanket though. I needed to do something that didn't mean having little squares and balls of yarn everywhere. The yarn is a dream to work with, and I'm loving the shades together. I cannot wait to wrap it around me.


I thought I'd leave you with another little bit of Blog Loving today.

More blogs I love to read. Maybe you know them.....maybe some are new to you. It's always nice to discover new blogs.

Cheerio for now



  1. Lol. Cozy Things is on that liust twice! On purpose?!? Haha! It is a lovely blog! X

  2. I completely get what you are saying about yarn colours online......it drives me bananas..... The problem often arises when you want to get colours like duck egg blue, celadon, light blue, certain pinks etc.... As they can be really different from one shop to the other and returning them when they aren't right is a palava... Not all local shops stock all brands so it is really a hit and miss business...... I love receiving the parcels, though and the sense of anticipation before I open them...
    It sounds like you are going to be busy this year with your list of things.....
    I really want to give knitting a go this year, clothes are always nicer when they are knitted...
    It snowed this morning here in London so the way to school was a bit of a ball fight so the kids loved it. I prefer to watch the snow from the window cup of tea in hand....
    Have a lovely week! I am intrigued about your garment....
    Pati x

  3. I do love an indulgent day! Though at this time of year I would like every day to be a snug, curling up kind of day... Friday is my weekly indulgent day of choice. I have received some interesting colours of wool through the post, I suppose nothing like going to a wool shop but my local ones either don't have the range or are (lovely) and expensive. Thank you for more blogs to explore - I really shall get no jobs done today!

  4. I already have so many projects started and so many more that I want to start. I really want to buy the yarn for a big new project but that would just be silly! Need to finish a few before buying more yarn.

  5. I was just thinking about my year's craft list yesterday. It's getting longer by the day, it seems. Best get cracking. :)

  6. Your scarf is gorgeous! Love the colour combination a lot - very inspirational.
    Have to say I'm impressed (and hugely intimidated, haha) by your knitting plans!
    Meanwhile I have to board a plane in a couple of hours, while my house is a mess and I still have my major decision to made: which yarn & how much do I take with me? Aarrgh! Better get on with on...
    Have a lovely evening. xh

  7. Sounds like a good sort of skittish to me :) I'm craving a nice long scarf at the moment, but really mustn't buy any more yarn and must finish some other things of first. Look forward to seeing the knitting.... x

  8. That's quite a list! We had some snow here today too - it's all gone now, thankfully. I shall check out the blogs - I have such a small list of those I visit regularly. Flora Puddleduck's guest blogging for me atm - she's doing a good job, I think!

  9. Love your nice long list, Vanessa, and I look forward to seeing the delicious things you will make over the coming year! Thank you for sharing some more of the blogs you enjoy....it is always wonderful to find new lovely new ones to visit that I have missed until now.
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

  10. I´m over the moon not beeing the only one having such a "crazy" to-do & open list becoming longer & longer & longer.
    I also have plenty of grannys, waiting to be yarned together - I decided to give them a place in a nook of my yarnbox. Meanwhile I started with thousands of other projects hmmmmmmmmm ?????? ,,,,,
    Regards from Austria,
    Fräulein KidsliKids

  11. Hi, Vanessa! Today my day has also been disastrous and we are only Tuesday ... I have cried so much .... and my head explodes and blogs such as yours make me away from the ugly things. Always nice to walk around your blog, so light, so many beautiful things .... thank you to cheer me on. And thanks for recommendations, some already known and they are really wonderful! A big hug from Catalonia!

  12. I hope that you enjoy your list!! I love your skittish day doing as you please idea! xx

  13. Hi Vanessa! I think the beginning of the year is like a little shake-up, and suddenly you realize you should be making plans, because the year has already started!!! I decided today that I would start knitting a jumper!!! Best start now, while it is still cold!!!

    I also check yarn on various sites and you are right, it is disappointing and frustrating! I much prefer browsing in a proper shop. I go to a knitting group and I find it very inspiring to see what other people make, which yarn they buy and from where, what patterns they use, etc. There is so much to learn from others!!!

    Good luck with your plans for making things for this year!!!!
    Have a good week!!
    Ingrid xx

  14. Maureen from Josephina Ballerina here. Have followed your blog for a while, but this is my first comment. The colors in your header her me up every time I visit. Husband and I and Josephine (aka Josephina Ballerina, the cat) live in a teeny-tiny apartment. I quilt and crochet, but the place is so small, I can only ever have one project going at a time. One WIP until it's done. That sounds virtuous and all until I run up against the anxiety of not being q u i t e able to get the pattern / colors down pat so I can actually begin. Which is where I am right now. One bed-size blanket is due by June and it will be done by June!
    Anyway, I like your blog.
    :) m & jb (who also reads your blog)

  15. Lists - they just keep growing :o) I'm looking forward to seeing what you make from your list this year, especially cardis/sweaters. I haven't been brave enough to make myself a sweater yet but I've promised myself I will do it this year. Thank you for sharing the blogs, it's always nice to discover some you would otherwise have missed (there are so many!). I've followed Katja's blog (Versponnenes) for a while now, it's wonderful. Have a lovely week.
    Jane xx

    1. PS: Love your new scarf - great colours xx

  16. Do I spot the legendary mustard? So this is the scarf you've talked to me the other day I guess?! And what a lovely one this is. I adore the colors together!!! I will save this color combination in my brain for future projects.
    Oh and I know that feeling when you're sitting hours and days and weeks on a project and see no major progress. For times like these I also fall back on an alternative and quick projects to raise my motivation, like a quick hat, some wrist warmers or socks.

    Thank you so much for mentioning my little blog in this post. I'm really happy that some nice people have found me through your blog and left some nice comments.

  17. Wow! I'm so honored to be included on any list of yours!

    Your project list is impressive. I'm afraid I'd feel totally overwhelmed if I tried to take a long range look at my projects! Sometimes I have to take a moment to reflect on all I accomplished last year to make me feel better about looking forward!

  18. Are you using a pattern for the scarf? I enjoy reading your blog!

  19. Hi Vanessa, I love your list of things to make, I have something similar in my head, good luck with getting it all done, it is satisfying ticking things off lists! Lovely colours as usual, can't wait to see what you are knitting, sounds very interesting. :) Thank you so much for including my blog on your list, what an honour!! Have a lovely week, Julie xxx

  20. I think your project looks very beautiful. Just keep knitting you will improve in no time at all. Thanks for the blog suggestions,

  21. hi vanessa,
    love your list of things to make.......i love your scarf, what for colour have you use?
    have a nice week,

  22. Lovely Vanessa, thank you for the link. I am so inspired, every time I stop by here. Yours is a lovely space, indeed. :)


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