Friday, 30 January 2015


I feel easily irritated at the moment......and fickle.

So, today, less words (I'm afraid I'd be quite moany) and simply pictures of pleasures this week.

Chocolate Salami. My 'Non Baking' efforts. A little slice with a cup of tea. Nice.

Spring Magazines.

Colourful Brooch Posy.

Spoon Love.

The same little shop I got these spoons in from several years ago, had a few more on my Christmas visit. I added to the collection. They are simply the daintiest spoons I have ever come across.

Floral love.

Jam Love. I'm not crazy. I have crafty plans for these mini jars.

Yarn Love. The most PERFECT shade.

Packaging Love. I'm a sucker. 

Told you I was a sucker.

I c.a.n.n.o.t resist


Cloud Love. I LOVE clouds. My head is always in them, so why not?

Ahhhhh I am calmer now!



  1. What a most lovely eyecandy post.
    Love the yarn basket, love the yarn (that blue IS the most perfect shade indeed), love the spoons, love the word dainty, love the soaps, love the spring flowers, love the boxes and... I wish you the best of luck eating that jam. ;-)
    Have a most lovely weekend my crafty friend!

  2. Beautiful photos - love those dinky little spoons and I didn't realize that the jam pots were tiny initially, I just thought you had a very sweet tooth! Have a happy weekend. x

  3. Such beautiful pictures. Those spoons are amazing, the yarn as well...oh and the packaging! :)

  4. Just LOVE your ceramic spoons and all the beautiful photos and thoughts. I'm calmer now too :)!

  5. I ALWAYS love your pictures. So happy you're calmer now.

  6. A post as beautiful as this would calm anybody Vanessa - truly, truly gorgeous. Hope the grumps pass swiftly by and that you have a lovely weekend, Kate xx

  7. The yarn is the perfect color. I love the jam spoons!

  8. My week was really shitty but your lovely pictures put a smile to my face :)
    They look so soft, airy and I can almost feel a hint of spring in them. And oh yeah, that yarn looks super nice. I'm really into icy blues lately...
    Code word "packaging love": I have a really bad addiction to pretty packings and product designs myself. My boyfriend always rolls his eyes when I grab at something that simply looks pretty...even if I don't need it. Oh well that are those little things that make life lovable.

    Have a great weekend :)
    And thank you so much for all your great comments at my tiny blog!

  9. beautiful post, splashing colour into my very grey afternoon - thank you!

  10. I am calmer now too although I am thinking a visit to the bookstore for some Spring magazines would have me feeling calmer still. Hoping for cozy, creative weekends for both of us!

  11. what beautiful pictures !!! especially the chocolate salami like me !!! awwwww love, greetings from Germany by angie

  12. I too am a sucker for pretty packaging and whenever I'm in a store with paper-wrapped luxury soaps, I have to smell every single one and examine all the wrappers.

  13. Such pretty, dainty images. Love, love, love those spoons - is the little shop somewhere in Hampshire?

  14. So pretty... and springlike. A sure way to relieve any grumps!

  15. So so SO much prettiness!
    Oh dear have another slice of chocolate salami my lovely that will soothe your irritations away x
    the dearest little spoons!
    Happy weekend lovely V, love Jooles x x x

  16. Aah, I feel calmer now too. But feel free to rant if you would like. The pale blue yarn is lovely. And the chocolate salami, oh my, complete deliciousness. Have yourself another slice, you deserve it. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. CJ xx

  17. I love the fancy soaps too and am always buying them. They make great gifts with a little crochet or knit washcloth. Lots of pretty photos today! Wonderful to look at. I think I'll take a second pass at them.

  18. Die blaue Wolle ist einfach nur ein Traum, aber auch die restlichen Bilder vermitteln ein wunderschönes Gefühl
    Liebe Grüße

  19. I love mini jam jars and I'm a sucker for packaging and clouds too! Heehee *^u^) Love this blog! Just joined! xo

  20. What an utterly delicious post Vanessa! Your chocolate salami looks scrumptious, the packaging pics are a delight and I love your dainty spoons too!
    Have a fabulous weekend! x

  21. I love the marmelade! I'm curious what you are going to do with them.!!

  22. Your posts never fail to brighten my day! :D
    Beth P

  23. Oh those spoons are so very sweet! I would not be able to resist them either! I haven't seen them in our country yet. Hope I will one day :-)

    Take care!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  24. Beautiful pictures! Groetjes Nicole

  25. That soap! I get some when I was pregnant from our youngest.
    It was a present from a boy in my class. It came from Engeland he told me.
    Special memory's!

  26. Lovely as always, I love the colour of the yarn xxxxxx

  27. Lovely pleasures, especially the brooch and spoons! xx

  28. I love the yarn choices....... those spoons are really sweet and spring-like!
    These are lovely pics to look at on a gloomy day.... Enjoy your week, Pati x

  29. I love your blog !!!! All is so beautiful !
    Ton blog est magnifique !


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