Wednesday, 28 January 2015


I don't mind January.

I know some people really loathe it. For me it always goes past quite quickly, and I never have the chance to be drawn into the January 'blues'.

This week has been a cosy one. The weather has been a mixed old bag. One moment, the greyest of grey skies. Candles on, lamps on, blankets galore to snuggle under. The next.......bright sunshine, and the feeling of spring bouncing down the path with a basket of sunshiny flowers.

The scent of the fully opened hyacinths have intoxicated the room. They smell heavenly, well, if you like the smell of hyacinths that is.

The supermarket stocking the first daffodil bunches. Ahhhhhhh, it's an incredibly joyous thing, to watch these open to light up a room. I adore their scent too. Again, if you like that scent.

On the cosy days; I have snuggled, and immersed myself in a spot of crochet. A luxury at the moment.

On the sunshiny days, I have been productive. I have sorted and cleaned and sorted and sorted. I have that very nice clear head feeling. It won't last for long, so I am enjoying it whilst I have it.

I have baked a little. Ahem, actually, you can't really call it 'baked'. The minimal amount of baking to try and produce something. If it turns out ok I may take a pic, it may look horrid, it sounds weird, it also may be just so tasty, there will be nothing left to photograph once the bears get their mitts on it. We shall see.

I was frivolous today and bought a mag to read with my coffee, whilst I waited for the said 'baking' to complete. 

I am still in love with my 'cuppa' porridges. In fact, I think I have become infatuated with them. What a fab idea. I have a weakness for porridge and usually eat way too much. Porridge in a cup suits me to a 'T'. I am having fun adding my own flavourings. Usually lashings of cinnamon, but I discovered a madagascan vanilla grinder and I feel giddy with excitement at the possibilities. Yes....I am one saddo. Little things an all......

I hope your week is a great one so far.



  1. Oh wow that looks so amazing to cuddle in. Makes me want to make a blanket for cuddling under in winter, I love your blog, it is so inspiring to look at for ideas on colours.

  2. Oh my, the colors in your blanket is so calm and beautiful. You are welcome to show it off in my link up party today

  3. I love your blanket. And yes, a spot of crochet is always a treat!

  4. Really really really loving your blanket Vanessa, such perfect colours. I think my favourite porridge treat is porridge with just a few chocolate buttons stirred in - yummmmeeeee ♥
    Have a lovely rest of week, Kate xx

  5. I LOVE January -- I look forward to it so much after the busy fall. This year we have had very mild weather and have not been "stuck" at home as much as I would like. I also love the scent of hyacinth. I have one blooming in my kitchen now.

  6. I love January too, so cosy... like your post xx

  7. Glad you are enjoying January and have been able to find some time for yourself. x

  8. Lovely to see those little bulbs poking their way through. I'm intrigued by your baking. Pistachios? Yum. I love January too, a nice cosy month that always flies by. A cup of coffee and a magazine in a beautiful warm cosy home sounds blissful. Enjoy. CJ xx

  9. I am new to your blog and will enjoy reading back posts. I love the smell of hyacinths! Reminds me of my dear grandparents.

  10. Was für ein wunderschöner und ansprechender Blog. Ich bin neu hier und komme aus dem strahlen gar nicht mehr raus.
    Lieder bin ich der englischen Sprache nicht ganz so mächtig.
    Liebe Grüße Bettina

  11. Your crochet is just beautiful, I love those colours together :) xxx

  12. I love the blanket, Vanessa.... at the moment my crochet time is so minimal that I do miss it a lot......I love the sound of the vanilla pod grinder..... Have a cosy end of the week, Pati x

  13. I love January too, time to stay indoors & relax after the rush of Christmas.
    I love your blog, so glad I have just found it. All your crochet is beautiful, I am a knitter & can just do granny squares. At the moment I am on a tea cosy but it calls for crocheted leaves & flowers so I have bought a book & will have a go.
    Fondly Michelle

  14. What is that word saddo? Seems to me that you've found a variety of ways to enjoy this first month of the year. Appreciating nature, and expanding kitchen experiences with that oven that can bake. And crocheting. Indoors or outdoors, January gives us many ways to appreciate each of its days, as the daylight hours expand.

    Lovely post. xo

  15. I don't mind January at all, can't believe we're at the end of it already - how it always flies. Love your new crochet squares. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane xx

  16. You can microwave regular porridge in a big mug too, so long as it's microwave proof. 25g of porridge oats and 150mls of fluid (I mix milk and water half and half) microwaved for two minutes, stirred given another minute max, and sweetened with honey or maple syrup. Yum!

    Pretty crochet :o)

  17. Hey, that's not sad! Sounds fab to me. I also have had hyacinths - I'm in the love the scent camp - and have a second pot of paperwhites and a second amaryllis 'brewing'. As yet no daffs but looking forward to the first bunch, doubtless from the Scillies, or maybe Cornwall. Intrigued by the 'baking'...are they pistachios? Love your crochet! Jen


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