Friday, 24 April 2020

Spring 2020......

Well......who'd have thought 2020 would turn out to be like this? A year not easily to be forgotten that's for sure.

I walked into 2020 with such a heavy heart. Trying to deal with the grief of the loss of my brother has weighed so heavy on my soul. My new companion, Minnie, and my crafty love managed to drag me into 2020 with a little more lightness. Getting out for walks with her everyday lifted my mood......and of course, making accessories to cope with the outdoor winter weather helped no end. I did make rather a lot of hats! Worth their weight in gold I can tell you.

I used this pattern here if you are interested

As I write, we are still in the midst of lockdown of sorts. Four weeks now of utter anxiety, uncertainty and weirdness.

Whilst all in my little bubble are at home and some working from home, I am classed as a key worker my days are still the same, but not the same. Just add a big dollop of stress and that's about it.

On my days off, I have been trying to just be calm and focus on all the things that make me happy. Crochet of course! I made a start on a blanket.....obviously a blanket....what else could I possibly think of doing?!

A picture on Pinterest caught my eye. I wished it hadn't........but you know......once you see something and it embeds in your memory, it's a hard thing to ignore. Ignore it I tried, because it was VERY similar to a blanket that almost killed me to make. It just wouldn't go from my head. It was an Irish Chain Quilt pattern. I made a crochet version of an Irish Chain Quilt that I had seen Alicia Paulson make on her blog. I can't sew. I loved the pattern, and I loved the colours and it was basically squares joined together. Easy peasy crochet then. The problem was the vast amount of squares. If you have read this blog for a while, you know that me and small blankets just aren't a thing. I kid myself it's because I want them big enough for all the family to snuggle under. Whilst the family have had MANY a snuggle together under my blankets, the real answer is that I'm utterly pants at planning, and the blankets just always end up huge because I have no size awareness.

The first blanket took forever, and I DID NOT enjoy it's process......HOWEVER, I utterly loved the result. You can be reminded of it with the snippets from this post . 

I don't think I ever managed to photograph this blanket in all it's glory. It does deserve a post all of its own really. I should do that. The blanket still has a thread hanging from it as I couldn't decide whether to make a border for it. I still can't! It was a bit like having a baby. The birthing process is incredibly unpleasant, but you soon forget about all the pain when you stare at something so beautiful. 

Well, I must have forgotten about all the pain, because sure enough, I wanted to make another one. The new blanket was slightly easier. Less squares in the pattern, bigger squares. This time also.......

I had wanted a very soft and pastel blanket. I was loving the colours on the ZARA HOME website.....mainly in their kids section. I'm still very much needing the calm of pastels and soft hues. That sealed it for me. I worked up several sized squares, planned how many squares I would need, and what the sizes would be with each square to get the right size blanket. I then weighed the yarn amounts for each square to get an idea of the yarn quantities I would need to order. That way I wouldn't do my usual of not enough yarn and dye lot issues. Chart mapped out. Yarn ordered. A VERY excited me.

I felt so smug I can tell you. After years of never planning any blankets, this was my first. I was actually doing everything right.

Except I wasn't

It was pretty clear after the first two rows that my blanket was going to be another HUGE one. I hadn't planned on a really small one, but I hadn't planned on a huge one either. Seriously, even when I plan, I can't do it right! Just goes to show! Not sure how on earth I managed to get it so wrong.

It wasn't total chaos. I just made the width into the length (as the pattern allowed me to work it like that) and then cut off quite a few planned rows. It's fine. The pattern still works. I just worked it that I'd lose a couple of repeat rows. I just had a fair bit of leftover yarn now!!!!!!!

So....on the lockdown days, I had been calming my anxiety with this blanket. I was loving making it. No stress. Really enjoying it. Then I suddenly decided that Minnie, my sweet puppy, needed her own blanket ASAP. It was always my plan to make her a blanket of her own, but for some reason, it needed to be now.....and I had plenty of leftover yarn!

I think she gave me her seal of approval. At every opportunity when I had it on my lap, she was on me....on it.

The beautiful weather on the lockdown has helped enormously. The puppy has really blossomed and has loved just being with me sitting in the garden whilst I work away on her blanket. I have soaked up her comfort. She has been such a tonic over these last few months helping with my grief.

Ahhhhhhh just look at those colours. that just brings me so much happiness. My last few blankets have been in these shades. I feel like I really need them at the moment. They are soothing, and calming, and they scream comfort and big enveloping hugs.

Easter came and went. A strange one. I have (like us all) struggled with not seeing my outer family. However, technology is a wonderful thing. My mum and I have been replacing our coffee mornings with virtual Facetime coffee mornings. We grab a coffee and then have a Facetime chat catching up with the news and showing each other our latest projects. It makes all this bearable.

It has been hard having everyone on top of each other at home all the time. Our tiny little home is bursting to the brim. Finding somewhere to have a quiet few minutes is nigh on impossible. Trying to homeschool is a challenge. The lovely weather has meant at least I can sit outside and work a few rows of crochet. I am thankful for our tiny little garden space. It is really just the size of a postage stamp, but I have never been more grateful for it.

Whilst being drawn to the soothing and the pastels, I started playing around with my beads again. I haven't dipped into them for such a long time, but I wanted had a real urge to have Rose Quartz and Amazonite around my neck and wrists again. Those have always been my favourites to work with. I don't know if it's the placebo effect, but I find them so calming. When I wear anything that has the stones in, I feel very calm. When I am anxious or stressed I like to have something around my neck that I can just stroke with my hands. The colours of Amazonite and Rose Quartz have always featured heavily in my home colours and in my crafting. Can you tell?!!!!

Actually, the necklaces I made in this picture aren't either of those gemstones, but I have loved making and wearing them. I wanted really long necklaces and didn't have enough of either beads to create something so long so these made do. I have more beads on order and I'm super excited to get them and get beady creative.

I have a couple of knitting projects that I would like to start after I finish the two blankets. I realise that I need more stitch my plan is to make myself some gemstone stitch markers. I would like to carry the calmness over into my knitting. Heaven knows I think I'm going to need all the calm I can get. Knitting just doesn't come easily to me. Maybe if I actually spent a good portion of my time knitting and trying to get better at it, that might help me!

I have baked a fair bit. 

I have also put on a fair bit of weight that has come with aforementioned baking. 

It's actually annoying that it's turning out so well. I would have given up if my fist attempt would have been awful. Bread is my complete downfall. Warm, crusty bread with melted butter. Hummmmmmm bliss. Not bliss for the old waistline. Need to do something about that soon. The Bears are very happy with my daily bread making arrangement, but they are just not quick enough to beat me to the first few (or ten) slices each day!

So.....that is my Spring. Two blankets in the making. Weird days. and other bits and pieces planned for the summer. If lockdown continues for a much greater length of time, I may be even more productive than I could have ever imagined.

Lets see what Summer 2020 holds........

Take care and stay safe everyone.



  1. Love, love, love your beautiful soft hues❣️(and your sweet pup too��)
    May I ask which yarn this is?
    Greetings from Diana, Netherlands

    1. Hi there!

      Most of the yarn is Rico Baby Classic.......with a couple of Drops Puna thrown in for good measure! They seemed to be the ones that gave me the soft hue colour palette that I needed for this blanket. I hope that helps! : )

  2. Hi,
    I absolutely love your posts and they brighten my day. I think it’s your colour palette that draws me too it. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve lost your brother. I lost mine 9 years ago suddenly at the age of 46, it was such a shock but time really does heal. I’m a key worker too but stuck at home due to my health I have to shield. I too use crochet and craft to fill my time etc. Although home schooling takes a large chunk of time and is challenging. I was wondering what wool is it in the basket that you’d chosen for your blanket? I absolutely love the colours. I will look forward to another post at some point. Take Care and Stay Safe. Debbie

    1. Hello!

      Thank you for your kind comments. I'm hoping with time my grief will lessen. At the moment it is still so very raw. The wool is mainly Rico Baby Classic with a couple of balls of Drops Puna added. I just wanted muted pastels and soothing colours. They always seem to make me so calm and happy! Take care and stay safe xxx

  3. Happy Spring!! Beautiful Blankets! I am very inspired more now... Thank you so much for sharing....

    1. Happy Spring too! Always a good time to feel energised to start new projects! :)

  4. Wow love your pics, eyes are too old to be able to read the tiny light print.
    Love the puppy, looks like good company. I am embarking on a colorful
    granny square blanket. 2 color 4 rounds, can't wait! Your blog is so pretty.

    1. You can't beat a good old granny blanket! xxxx

  5. I check every week to see if you have written something made my day to see you had x

    1. Awe thank you....that is a kind thing to say. I am hoping to blog more regularly! : )

  6. Always lovely to read your comings and goings! Thank you for sharing ��

  7. All your blankets are beautiful! And your sweet Puppy is adorable! Did you attach your squares as you went along or when you completed the amounts you needed, attach them all at once? I did the latter. The only downfall(maybe?) was I crochet the squares together using one color. That created one look on one side and a different look on the reverse side. Stay safe and well. {{hugs}} L. xxx

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I am attaching the squares as I go along. It makes the blanket go at a slower pace but I think it looks better for this style of blanket. xxx

  8. Dear Vanessa, I popped in in search of a cake you made ages ago (the one with the bear sporting a hat, was it?). Have not been able to locate that particular picture but what a lovely surprise to read your new post! Like so many others ( I am sure) I do pop in from time to time to get inspiration from your pictures. But even more, your words help a lot to realise that we are all dealing with similar issues. Creating lovely birthdays parties for our loved ones - your sons' bithdays must be on top of the list!! (My little one will turn 6 this Sunday, he was so much looking forward to a party which obviously he cannot have at the moment, but we will make up for the missing guests with a hopefully fun idea which involves pizza and a tent). You are holding a bit of a mirror for your readers and often I wonder, if we put ourselves under too much pressure? Please take good care of yourself and enjoy more of those lovely moments with your lovely family and sweet little puppet (hope you do not mind me saying). I am very sorry about the loss of your brother. I wish you all the strength in the world!! Hugs, Sandra

  9. Hello Sandra,

    Thank you for your kind comments. Do you mean this cake?.......

    I LOVE making those cakes with the animals. I don't think I'll ever stop doing those for the family Birthdays! I really do hope your son gets to have a super Birthday. It is such a weird time at the moment, but we can still make these moments amazing for our kids can't we! Family time is so precious, and in a weird way, this pandemic has allowed so many to spend much more quality time with their children and families. It's good to focus on the positives. Stay safe and take care xxxx

    1. That is the one! Thank you so much for your quick response, it looks even better than I remembered! Maybe I can use some raspberry twigs to substitute the greens you used.
      I absolutely agree with you on the quality time with the family. Of course we all miss our relatives, friends and colleagues. And home schooling is probably worse for the little ones than it is for their grown ups. However, it is absolutely worth remembering that we would not be able to spend that much time together without the pandemic. We were still in our PJs this morning when we found that we fancied freshly cooked strawberry jam. So we just went for it and made one single jar. It would not have been possible, if we'd had to go to school & work. All the best to you and your family! Sandra

  10. So glad to see your post. I Am loving your wee puppy, she is gorgeous. What breed is she please? I'm glad I'm not the only one whose planning doesn't always workout and the leftover yarn is never quite enough to complete another project is it? I'm on lock down too. Keyworker but with health issues, my house and garden have never been so clean and tidy but i'm also running out of yarn ! Take care

  11. Hi there!

    Minnie is a wire Haired Fox Terrier. She is so sweet...but incredibly stubborn! Training is hard work! ha ha! I've yet to do a project where I have planned it well enough to have either enough yarn and not loads left over. Maybe one day I'll work it out well! Keep safe and take care x

  12. I love your photos..very adorable dog, and ythe blanket is sooo lovely..

  13. Oh I am so happy you are back blogging, I missed you so much! I love your pretty colours and peaceful pootling. Thank you for letting us join you again in your gentle palette even though you have been through the mill.... much love xxxx

  14. Hi Suzie,

    Thank you for your lovely comment.I plan to blog each season with a seasons round up! Take care xxx

  15. Hi,I love your blog and the way you write.I have popped in over the years,can't remember if I'v commented or not tho.Love your gorgeous pup she is adorable and so pretty.I am a crochet addict and love your creations.I too have lost my brother in very tragic circumstances,so can relate to all different emotions and mood swings that goes with it.Lockdown has been so very hard,for so many reasons.Thank god for Crochet,that's what I say.Take care.

  16. Beautiful blanket! It is indeed an incredible art work. I really like the colors you have used for the blanket. Take care and have a great weekend.

  17. Hi Vanessa. I meant to comment here a while ago... I think of you often, wondering how you are dealing with the grief for your brother. You probably know that siblings are the ‘forgotten mourners’, so I hope you have had all the support you need. I had grief counselling about 18 months after my brother died and it helped enormously. Even just the acknowledgment that it is normal to be feeling sad and lost 18 months after a sudden loss (which is really no time at all) was a relief to hear. So I hope you are ok, and if you ever want to speak to someone who has been through this, please let me know. Much love.


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