Wednesday 17 March 2021

Spring 2021


Sometimes, when you talk to the answers you back.

I had planned to write two blog posts before this. One for Autumn, and one for Winter. It was my plan just to write up a post each season. Posts to just catch up and remind myself what had been happening in my life. I'm not so sure anyone actually reads blogs any more. The fast paced world of Instagram, Twitter and TikTok leaves blogging pretty much a thing of the past now. It saddens me, when I think of blogging in its hey day and what an incredibly lovely community it was. But I write. I continue to write for me, and if anyone happens to read it and even remotely enjoy it, then that's a lovely little bonus I guess. 

Nothing really has been happening in my little world . It feels like months and months of nothingness be honest. Lockdown, after lockdown it seemed and I just found myself being cooped up in my own little space in the house with everyone else crammed in too for good measure.  One thing I realised whilst we were all stuck in the house day after day together, was that my life just became one big Groundhog Day. Cleaning, cleaning.....and more cleaning. Oh, and food shopping because everybody seemed to be hungry ALL of the time. No sooner was the kitchen blitzed, it was a mess again. There actually never seemed to be a break when someone wasn't eating or using every dish, pan, cup, plate there was. It actually became really quite depressing. Forever cleaning, and having to walk around on tiptoes everywhere in case I disturbed a conference call really just drained me of being able to anything creative and visual. 

The frustration that I was starting to feel was getting bigger and bigger inside. 

Autumn 2020 had been a tale of two halves. A difficult one. One where I had felt alone, tired and frustrated. One where I had felt no desire to do anything other than just 'get through the day'. Eventually the turning point did arrive. I had been waiting for it for such a long while. That moment when I woke, and suddenly felt ready to tackle all that I had previously not had the mental capacity to tackle. 

It felt so good. It felt like a thousand tonnes of weight had been lifted from my overladen shoulders. It felt like peace had once again been restored in my whole being. Weirdly, serendipitous events happened to help bring it about. Do you believe the universe has plans for you? Well, I felt like everything that I had been feeling these past 15 months had come full circle and I could begin see the clear road ahead. 

It was suddenly very clear in my head what I wanted to achieve. The year had been one big write off and suddenly I felt like I could move forward. 

I have felt over the last few years that I have been wading through some very thick treacle. Ever so slowly, the world has been closing in on me. Not knowing how to deal with it and just putting it to the back of my mind has been my 'go to' method. Clearly not the best solution, and the longer you leave it, the bigger it gets. With loss and grief big, big factors in my life also this last year, that helped to just not want to deal with anything.

Finally waking up and the fog clearing was such a blessed relief. Finally feeling ready to tackle happiness and what I need to do to achieve it was such a nice feeling. Deep soul happiness, not just on the surface happiness. 

So, the latter part of Autumn I felt  a great positivity. 

The second and third lockdowns slight dampened all that positivity that had flooded within me. Like I said, everyone crammed in at home working, eating and just generally making mess I couldn't keep up with......well.......I have just been silently keeping my head down and making do until such time as I feel I can begin to spread my wings again.

I don't think I realised just how much I value and crave my own space. That quiet. Just yourself and your thoughts. Not being able to freely potter and be as creative as my mind has wanted me to be has seen the frustration grow within me. It has taken everything in me to keep it contained. Sometimes I have thought how great it would be to go to some remote location and just scream my little lungs out. I think that might have made me feel a little better. However, even being all crammed on top of each other, I am grateful for many, many things. I appreciate it all.

In creative news, I did things that pretty much could be done compactly. I was lucky enough to be given the most gorgeous coat for my birthday. 

The most perfect pink. I wanted to make a scarf or shawl to compliment it. I decided upon the Victoria Shawl by Sandra from Cherry Heart Blog

I used Drops Baby Alpaca Silk in Powder for the main body and off white for the edging. It's so pretty a delight to wear.

Once again serendipitous moments happened, which resulted in a new blanket being born. I thought I was really over blankets.......silly me for even thinking that really.

During the annual retrieving of the Christmas decs from the loft, I came across a crafty tub with a much beloved crochet project in it.  

Started many, many moons ago, it was a project that was put aside. When it was retrieved, I sadly realised that, with my usual lack of planning, pretty much all of the yarns had been discontinued and I couldn't carry on with it in the way that I had wanted to ( a decent sized blanket). I couldn't stop thinking on it though. I was absolutely in love with it at the time. It was made of tiny hexagons, that I was planning on sewing together by hand. I wanted sort of a vintage patchwork piece. Anyway, for reasons explained, it didn't come to fruition (when I ever get round to it, it will become a big floor cushion). However, it really would not leave my head. I had loved working with the pastels in my last Irish Chain Quilt blanket and had some left over, so the thought started brewing. Then, over Christmas I watched The programme 'When Roald Dahl met Beatrix Potter'. Oh my gosh, I adored it. Having long been a Potter fan, this was just a delight to watch. Suddenly the idea was born. A small hexi patchwork blanket using pastel shades that were used in the drawings by Beatrix Potter. 

Pretty much like every other blanket colour way that I use, but a good excuse. Literally as soon as the lightbulb went on........

I just love the shades. So totally me.

Coming along nicely. I made the hexies slightly bigger. I just didn't know if I had the stamina to make them as small as the last lot. The size is okay, but if I'm being honest, I prefer the smaller size. I think they look more 'vintage' the smaller they are in a blanket form. I'm okay with that though.

Minnie, thinking that every blanket laid down is for her use only.

All the hexies are made. I have sewn together half of them with needle and thread. I don't know why it was so important for me to sew them up this way. I don't even think it's such a good idea. Yarn works well to sew yarns together, thread works well to sew fabrics together. I don't think it's the best combination to put together, but I have been determined that it should be done this way. Stupid me and my stupid ideas. We shall see how much patching together will need to be done at a later date. For now though, I am loving it. I did take a break half way through to make myself another shawl. Life events needed me to make something quick and rewarding, and also give me something deep to focus on for a short while.

So, I decided upon this......

It's the Denver Sunset Shawl

I was perusing my pinterest boards for inspiration, and this just screamed at me. Quick and easy. Gorgeous colours from one ball. I'm on it. 

It crocheted up in a couple of days. It was a simple pattern repeat, but it took me ages to get going. I really am not a fan of patterns which don't provide any charts of any sorts. I had to try and read the pattern to try and make up my own chart just to try and make sense of the beginning. I did finally get it and once the first couple of rows were done then it was a fine repeat. It was an aran weight hooked on a 9mm hook so it worked up fast.

Typical me to make something Autumnal just as Spring arrives. I just adored the wash of colours. The pattern is available on Ravelry if anyone is interested. I used the yarn recommended, Lion Brand Landscapes. I love it so much, I'm actually thinking on another one. I made a very very long scarf a couple of years back which I named my Dr Who scarf. I love it so much and the yarn was just so beautiful. 

This was in a Cygnet yarn I believe. Totally my colours and I think it would make for such a beautiful Denver Sunset Shawl pattern. Always me, to keep on making something in a billion colours if I like it. I don't need any more shawls, but, like that ever stopped me.

I seem to be drawn to these colour wash yarns now. I bought the Landscapes yarn and immediately had to text my mum with a picture. Throughout my very early years, my mum knitted me jumpers. Think 70's where everything in that whole era seemed to be made in brown, orange or yellow. My whole recollection was not one of fondness for that era. Otherwise known as #jumpergate, My mum never liked to knit in one colour yarn. She always maintained that it was so boring, so she would buy variegated yarn in brown and yellow or brown and orange. She would knit up a jumper........and not once would the damn things ever fit over my head! I shudder at the memories of my mum trying her hardest to pull them over my head. There would be yelling from me about how much it hurt my head, and there would be yelling from my mum about how she followed the pattern and my head must be incredibly large! I don't think I actually ever wore the jumpers she made me. She never ever managed to get her tension right on the necklines, and I was actually glad. Brown, yellow, orange and ANY yarn that was variegated in any way has been a no no for me for pretty much most of my life! My mum still maintains to this day that my head is a funny shape and she was never in the wrong with her tension........AND......her yarn choices were very lovely! She laughs at my choices to buy any yarn that is not plain and tells me she always knew I'd come around to her way of thinking! I still won't go near anything with just browns and yellows!!!!


I'll leave with a few camera reel photos of the past few months. Mainly dog photos on my camera feed these days. Through lockdown, she has been my permanent companion, my little sidekick and partner in crime. I am desperate to get my big camera out again. Hopefully, with lockdown nearing its end and spring well under way, there will be the opportunity to snap snap snap away to my hearts content.

Until then.......

I lost the dog one morning. Couldn't find her anywhere. She blends in well with my house decor. The Bears have almost sat on her a couple of times when she is curled in a teeny tight ball on the sofa. She becomes almost invisible.

We have a routine on the days I'm not working. If I haven't left the house and she sees me walk past the living room with a coffee in my hand, she knows I'm off to my bedroom banishment for a couple of hours. Either laptop maintenance or crafting of some type, but the coffee in hand is her cue to whine to be with me and settle down for the morning next to me. I love it actually. She really has been my ray of sunshine on the darkest of days.

I've become obsessed with wearing berets throughout the Autumn /Winter months. I even made a couple of crochet ones too. I don't particularly suit hats in any way shape or form......but I guess I've hit that age where I simply don't care if I look stupid. Bobble hats on the dog walks are essential and berets for general walking. Turns out I like a warm head.

I made a start painting my stairs (Farrow & Ball Light Blue). Very difficult in lockdown with everyone home wanting to go up and down all day. Weeks on and it still needs another couple of coats. I fear it's going to be one of those projects that will take a year to complete........sigh. I like the colour though and it has brightened up the hallway.

Dog walks have helped enormously in lockdown. Getting fresh and a few quiet moments of alone time have been essential.

I was out one sunny, but very foggy morning and I saw the most curious thing. A white rainbow......otherwise known as a Fogbow. Seriously, I never knew such a thing existed. It was pretty spectacular. I have never seen one in all my years, and probably won't again. That made it all the more special. I truly love Mother Nature.

I'm still baking bread. I seriously should stop. Bread is my Achilles Heel. Love, love love it. The Bear's love it too. I tell myself I'm making it for them.....really it's just for me. They have to be quick to get some. I love them to bits, but it's seriously a close call between them and bread. I kid you not!



  1. Well, that was a very thorough blog post! I still love visiting the blogs which have continued and always stop in to say hello when I come in! So lovely to see that you, and a few others, have continued blogging. I do miss so of many lovely blogs that I used to follow because they just disappeared.

    I love your new hexagon project. The colours are so soft and lovely!

    Yes, this past year has been very difficult for all the reasons you mention. It's very difficult when you live on your own too, just like I do. Crochet has helped and I've never done so much reading! Photography and regularly walks, despite my urban situation, have also 'saved' my sanity. Being isolated has been the worst part.

    Hoping to see more regular posts from you! I'll be in to cheer you on!

  2. Hello Sandra!

    Thank you for your comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I do find there is still something so lovely about sitting with a cuppa and having a nice read of a blog post. There are a few blogs that have remained that I get so excited to read and have a good old virtual catch up with. It is so sad that so many have just abandoned their blogs in favour of the quicker social media outlets. But time moves on and so does technology and peoples preferences. I shall still be here though, and I do plan to do regular seasonal posts. This last year has thrown me a little, as like everyone else, but I hope to be back on track!

    Goodness this past year has been such a difficult one. Each person having to go through their own crisis to try and cope and get through it all. Let's hope the light is visible now at the end of the tunnel.

    Take care xxxx

    1. I do agree that it's sometimes difficult to do a regular new entry on our blogs. I used to post once a week and now I usually post two to three times a month. I recently wrote a post *Why Blog?" Here:
      I know I put mostly photos and some text on my blog entries, but there were less and less people leaving comments so I felt I was doing the blog posts just for myself, but suddenly regular readers were coming in to make a comment in answer to my question, which was very heart-warming.

      When someone leaves a comment on my blog, I always visit theirs to say hello. It seems to be common courtesy somehow. This is how lovely connections are made with other like-minded folk.

      It is easier to follow blogs when the new blog entries are regular.

      Have a lovely day!

    2. That's so interesting Sandra. I generally don't link on names that have left comments, mainly because most who comment on my blogs are annonymous, or only have an account with which to comment. I always make sure to reply to comments as I think other than being a good common courtesy, it's always nice to let my appreciation be known. I am always very humbled that people do take time out of their day to leave a comment. I think so many people these days like to read, but have become so used to the ease of platforms like Instagram that just have them click a heart button and move on. The effort of having to log in and leave a comment on blogging platforms just is too much effort these days for many. It really is a shame. I will carry on blogging, but will carve some time to re-do my blogging list. Have a beautiful day! xxx

    3. I am so often not able to leave comments as I have no online accounts set up (partly choice for privacy reasons and partly the very particular way my computer is). I am often rather sad that I don't get to say thank you, or to make a general response.

      Many bloggers seem to mistrust the anonymous option and think they are going to get nasty comments if they allow it, although I know it is about being spammed as well. Sometimes I don't give a name on purpose as I want people to know that even the really anonymous comments can be feel good as well as feel bad. I think only allowing for those with google accounts particularly cuts people off. Many readers have no blogs or instagram but do delight in viewing, reading, supporting and encouraging those people who do share so much with us all.

    4. That's very interesting Sara. I really don't like the option of only allowing google accounts to comment. I do moderate however, and that's just to stop spam. The amount I get in to moderate on my blog is atrocious, and I think it puts a lot of people off commenting when all they see is a huge list of spam. I do so appreciate all who take the time to comment, and you are very right, that those who don't comment for whatever reason get just as much enjoyment out of a post. xxx

  3. A lot of what you have said I related to. The lack of knowing where life is taking me. I split from ex in Summer of 2019 so the lockdown and being alone at the grand age of 46 at the time with my eldest son getting married and the youngest approaching GCSE's made me question what purpose I had in life now. A life spent being there for everyone else and all that coming to an end and having too much time to dwell on it. Sitting at night on my own because my youngest is happily playing on line with friends. It has been a very challenging time. My crafting mojo seemed to escape me as I felt like I was forcing myself to do something rather than doing it because I enjoy it. Every aspect of my being I started to scrutinise.
    As we slowly move towards a new normal and we embrace all we have actually achieved and handled, I hope that it brings new adventures for all, whether through strengthened bonds or personal growth and acceptance :)

    I will always read your blog, when I have a day where I want something that brings a sense of calm and beauty I turn to your blog.

    Take care. I may actually look at restarting my blog which never really got off the ground!!

    1. Hi Jackie,

      I think lockdown has made everything that much harder and more magnified. You are right, having so much time spent in lockdowns, one can have too much time to dwell on all the aspects of ones lives that are causing stress and anxiety. For me personally, I have just tried to shelve it all. The frustration, the sadness and the negativity of all that has been a factor in my life over the past 18 months. I have felt that by doing that, I have been able to function in this weird lockdown state. I have tried every night to go to sleep thinking on three lovely things. They may have been three little joys that happened that day (however small), or just thinking that I've bought up three boys well that I'm proud of. Going to bed on a positive really helped me.

      I do so hope that when the world begins to open up again, you find a brilliant adventure to be had. These past 18 months have really hit home to me how fragile and fleeting life is. You only get to live it once, so spend it doing what makes you happy and have fun.

      Much love and the biggest virtual hug 💕

  4. Nice to have you back. I love your blog and all your creations.
    I stopped my blog 7 years ago and I am now back. Waiting for your new posts!
    Wishing you a good day.

    1. Thank you Catherine,

      I did wonder if lockdown would change the face of blogging again. xxx

  5. A very interesting post... charming in fact. I for one read your posts and have been doing so for several years now. I don't plan to stop :-) As for blogging I beg to differ, it is very much alive! Certainly,you are right,it has dropped in popularity due Twitter,facebook,Instagram and others but there is still an enthusiastic bunch of bloggers out there. I find myself replying easily to over 20-30 blogs a week. During these hard times some bloggers have even returned to blogging. I would be thoroughly delighted to see more frequent blogs from you however you yourself know just how much you can manage so I shall be looking out for you at the beginning of each season for your delightful posts. I whizzed in to see this post as soon as I saw it come up on my blog list LOL!. I do remember when you started your little hexagons project. That is such a shame the yarn has discontinued however your idea to make up a patchwork blanket looks wonderful. Minnie is as always adorable she obviously likes to try out all your blankets herself personally. My sister in the UK has been alone all this time during the pandemic and she often tells me when we meet up on Messenger that if it wasn't for Lenny her dog and companion she would have found it all even more difficult to cope with the solitude. Coincidentally I have been making a few hats this winter but not for myself for family members. I never seem to make for myself...tch! The last one (as seen on my last post) I had to frog completely as it just wasn't right.Everything was according to pattern but every time I looked at it and looked at it again it didn't make me happy. Perhaps it was the yarn I used or just a bad day. I am sure you know what I mean :-) Gorgeous scarf and colours! A decent length I see,just how I like scarves, so you can wrap it around your neck several times. Bread making, I have started to learn how to do that via my grand-daughter who loves to bake. It should be the other way around, shouldn't it? I mean I should be teaching her :-) I just never learnt how to make bread and I must admit,like yourself, I do love a fresh home baked loaf. Keep well and enjoy the Spring. Amanda x

    1. Hi Amanda,

      It's lovely to hear that you still enjoy to read my posts. It's so interesting what you said. I think I've really just been looking at things from my blogging sidebar list. Pretty much all of those blogs I have followed have stopped in favour of Instagram, you tube etc. I need to spend a day going down the blogging rabbit hole I think! xxxx

  6. I'm so glad you are creating again. I love the colors you use and the glimpses into your life.

    1. Thank you Jodie, that's so very kind of you to say xxx

  7. I’m so sorry you’ve had such difficulties over the past year. Hopefully you can take solace in knowing you are not alone. I love your creativity - love everything you do! And your furry baby is adorable! Blessings to you.

    1. We all go through waves of highs and lows in our life don't we? This year has been so hard for us all. It doesn't matter where we are in life, we have been thrown a massive curve ball and are all trying to deal with it the best way we know how. Creativity has such a positive power. Goodness knows how I would have coped with life had I not had it!!!!! xxx

  8. Thank you Vanessa for blogging! My heart sprang when I saw I had an email that you had a new post!! I love hearing from you. And yes, what a year. My sons are all grown and have families of their own so it's not too bad for me here with my hubby working in the next room. I love taking care of him and having him near. But my oldest-he has 4 sons and his wife is a school teacher. All but one son (too young) is zooming school as well as she is with her class. She is a kindergarten teacher. So hard!!
    Those wee hexies...perhaps you might find a few more colors that would increase their numbers to be able to finish the blanket. They are so pretty! My sister passed some years ago and left two boxes of granny squares. I wanted to make blankets for my sons. Turns out I was able to make 6! But the last couple of them I needed to add a couple of other colors as I couldn't match the yarn. I gave them all a soft white row around them and they turned out awesome.

    Love all the pix of your adorable pup!

    Giant (((HUGS))),

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Thank you for your kind words about my blog. I'm so glad that you like to read it.

      Lockdown has been so hard for you families. I feel like I have been fairly lucky that only one of the Bears has been having to home school. The hardest thing for me has just been the feeling of no breathing space. We live in a small house, which works okay most of the time because there is pretty much someone out doing something for most of the time. Being crammed on top of one another 24 hours a day is hard when you are a solitary person like me! I just love my own company, and never being able to get just a teeny bit of it really crushes me! It's funny. I adore my children, but constant noise and mess really saps my whole being! When lockdown ends and the house becomes silent it will be the most precious present.....even if I only get half an hour!!!!! ha ha! Take care xxxx

  9. Hello Vanessa, a lovely post to catch up on and oh, how your words about the last few months resonate! I’ve only just found myself crawling out of a similar fog, I’m not sure how I’ve kept going really and have missed the solitude with us all stuffed in this tiny house. Home school on a laptop has driven me insane and like your family, mine seem to spend their days grazing like cattle - all day - and the mess is the same here too. I wonder how many of us feel like this?
    I was thinking just yesterday about the blogs I miss, so many good ones have disappeared havent they? I love your little dog pictures and your blanket, you have some beautiful crochet blankets, I started Lucy’s Dune blanket a couple of months ago as a lockdown project but it seems to be laying forgotten...a symptom of my anxious mind I guess, I must get back to it. I hope as the warmer weather returns, so do our better spirits and slightly tidier homes. Much love, Julia xxx

    1. Hello lovely,

      It's comforting to know so many feel the same. I think the last lockdown has been the hardest to cope with (in the UK at least) because of the winter weather. It affects me at the best of times, but not being able to have the doors and windows open and see sunshine, that, coupled with the overwhelming feeling of being piled on top of one another was just such a low point. Hopefully now, brighter days are ahead. Much love to you and may our creative souls be filled with spring inspiration! xxx

  10. I love reading new posts from you. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. Your dog is lovely! It's so great to have such companion. I hope that lockdowns will end soon and your mood and creative mojo will consequently boost.

    1. Thank you so much! I think the spring sunshine and the hope of the end of lockdown will lift everyone and give just the boost that is needed! xxx

  11. I love reading your blog posts! So sorry you’ve had such a hard time of it. We endured a long lock down last winter (not as long as yours though) and we were so grateful to be “allowed out” over summer. Still feeling funny going out without masks and not venturing too far from home. Your crochet projects are gorgeous and so glad you’re feeling more motivated to pick up your hook. Sending big hugs and hoping you’re “out” before too long xx

    1. Hello!

      I think it's going to take such a long time to feel 'normal' when venturing outside after lockdown. Cautious optimism springs to mind! Just being able to venture further afield to go for walks is such an exciting thing for me! There is a feeling of hope now though and that just makes all the difference. Take care xxxx

  12. What a joyous surprise! Of course I read your blog!! Your soft and gentle photographs are a tonic to the soul and I love to hear the stories attached to them. It has been a roller coaster of a year. I think we are all hanging on by our shirt tails and doing the best we can, whatever that may be. In the meanwhile your blog post is just what we need. Take good care and please don't stop your beautiful blog. Every best wish, Pamela x

  13. Thank you Pamela for your kind words. Gosh, won't it be so nice to start to live 'normally' once again. I think there is hope now and that is just so uplifting to the soul. xxx

  14. Good to hear from you again Vanessa
    It was so nice to check on your blog and see that you've posted again. I really truly enjoy reading your blog.
    Hopefully the world can go back to normal one day soon. It has been a very hard year.
    Take care of yourself

  15. Thank you Helen.......goodness, yes, hopefully the world can begin to get back to some sense of normality soon. What a year it has been! Take care xxxxx

  16. I always love your posts Vanessa - please keep writing and sharing your world with us.xx

  17. Thanks for sharing, Vanessa. I can relate to what you were saying about the kitchen......same here too! That in itself is a full time job! You are such a talented person and I have always loved your blog, it is beautiful! I do believe its in times like these that we have to be kind to ourselves and recharge. Your new coats are beautiful and so is your dog. My lil dog loves a blanket too and as soon as I lay a blanket down she is right on it, not a second to spare. I love everything you make! Blessings, Denise

    1. Awe thank you Denise for your kind words. I think all dogs must be the same......if there's a cosy blanket right there for the taking, then why not!!!!!! I think you are right, this year has certainly taught us to really appreciate the little things, our family, and learn that self care is very important....not just for oneself, but a happier you makes for a happier environment. Take care xxx

  18. Dear Vanessa
    I love your blog your house and your dog.
    Your blankets are so lovely I love your last one so much that I am making one for myself in Drops Puna powder pink this colour is lovely....
    Keep on writing... ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Oh that's lovely to hear Sandra. Funnily enough, out of all the many blankets I have made over the years, that blanket has become my favourite! Drops Puna is lovely for a blanket. It's incredibly warm and cosy and I think the colours are really dreamy. Happy blanket making! xxxxx

  19. I pop back occasionally to see if you have posted and I was absolutely totally happy to see you here today! I completely get you with the craziness of not having your own space just for moments in the day. Whilst we adore our families and want them safe, we also need that quiet time to "be", to daydream , to pootle, to create.... I love your posts - thank you xxx

    1. Hi Suzie!

      Thank you for your sweet comments! Oh yes, yes, yes.......quiet time is really important!!!!!!! xxxx

  20. Hi Vanessa,

    I'm just wondering what brand/where your duvet cover is from? I can't stop swooning over it!

    Thanks, Taylor

    1. Hi Taylor,

      The duvet is by LaRedoute and it's called Majari. I hope that helps! : )

  21. Hi Vanessa!
    I just found your blog through pinterest while researching granny square blankets. I must say your writing and photos were a delight to stumble upon! I am very much deep into the whole instagram thing, but miss so much the golden age of blogging, when all I had to do was visit links on my 'favorites' tab, and actually be able to enter other people's worlds, spend some time with them and actually have more than a few seconds to interact with their content. Your blog brought back this amazing feeling, and because, as you said, people who continue blogging are so rare now, I thought I should drop a comment to let you know how powerful a humble blog post can still be — yours has really brightened my morning, here in Sao Paulo, Brazil :)
    Now I will go on and browse some more of your beautiful posts, be inspired by your amazing projects and bookmark your page so that I can come back regularly.
    Have an amazing day!

    1. Hi Marina,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write. I do so miss that too, just popping on and checking my favourites lists for posts. Sadly, so many of my favourites have long since left blog world for the fast pace of instagram. I loved the diary entry aspect of blogging, which you don't get with Instagram. A fellow blog reader did remind me that there were still many crafting bloggers out there. I need to spend a whole evening with a favourite cuppa just going down the rabbit hole of crafting blogs to create a new favourites list! I am glad you have like coming here and visiting my little world! Take care x

  22. Thank you for such kind words Maria. I don't post often, but I'm not sure I could ever give it up! x

  23. THank you for your post Vanessa!! I love blogs! I too hope it won´t die down. Instagram doesn´t replace blogs in my opinion. Beautiful dog! Lovely crochet work! Marvelous drinks! Seeing socks on your feet makes me want Autumn here right away. It has been too warm around here in North Central US. Thank you for sharing about all the sweetness in your life! Hugs from afar!

  24. O my, can’t tell you how excited I was finding out your blogging again.
    I have always enjoyed reading you blog and are super excited that you’re back.
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photo’s with us and giving us a peek of your world ��������������
    Your blog brings me so much joy dear lady
    Thank you

  25. Thank you for sharing Vanessa. You are such an inspiration 🥰😊

  26. Please keep posting on your Blog, I have been away for a while and just worked through the list I'm following and was amazed at how many had stopped posting on their blog, it was nice to read your xx DizzyDedesings


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